Sound Quality

Side profile of a FNATIC gamer wearing a pair of white INZONE H5 headphones

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Designed in collaboration with professional gamers to help you get the edge over your rivals.
A person holding a plastic gun in a computer game world aiming at a 3D model with rings around the foot for sound

360 Spatial Sound for Gaming

In games that are won and lost in seconds, whoever reacts first often wins. 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming homes in on your opponent's footsteps, giving you unparalleled situational awareness on the map.

Sound field tailored to you

The way sound enters and reflects in the ear canal depends on your unique ear shape. Use the 360 Spatial Sound Personaliser smartphone app and get sound mapped to your ear shape and modified for the INZONE H5's audio output, for an even more precise experience.

Experience 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming

Want to try our spatial sound on your favourite devices? Put your headphones on and immerse yourself.

Richer highs, more powerful lows

The 40-mm drivers ensure that every gaming sound is authentically reproduced. It produces extremely high-frequency sounds with high compliance, as well as authentic low frequencies, while the ducts on the housing also optimise low-frequency sounds delivering even more powerful bass. Together they deliver a truly immersive gaming experience.

Image of a monitor showing the interface of the INZONE PC hub software

Have it your way

Our INZONE Hub PC software allows you to personalise your INZONE H5 experience by customising a wide range of operations, including a variety of sound and hardware settings. Fine-tune sound frequencies to your game, for more clarity and immersion, using the EQ function.