1000X-Series concept video text transcript

Accessibility description for 1000X-Series concept video

This is the global campaign video for Sony's WF-1000XM5 truly wireless Noise-Cancelling headphones, featuring Grammy-winning singer Miguel getting lost in a world of his own with the product.


The video opens in a noisy VIP club room with many guests. We zoom into Miguel, sitting on the wide sofa, dressed in muted colours, and surrounded by people but looking bored and seeking some escape from the noise. We cut to a shot of his hands, and the silver case of the WF-1000XM5. He flicks open the case to take out the earbuds, and puts them into his ears.


In a profile shot of his face, he taps the left side earbud to turn on noise cancelling. As he taps, we hear a beep from the headphones, a moment of silence, and then Miguel's track, "Give It To Me" kicks in.


As the track begins playing, we zoom towards the left earbud, and right into its distinctive gold microphone. Then, as our view zooms back out, it is transformed into the top of a gold vocal condenser microphone, on a stand, and being performed into by Miguel. As the camera continues to zoom out, we see he is now wearing a full-red outfit, and performing his song with a white guitar. We have been transported into a music world inside the earbuds.


His performance continues, wearing the earbuds and, as the shot gets wider, it reveals a round stage, with design inspired by the silver body of the headphones and gold microphones.

Miguel is joined on the stage by a female bassist and a male keyboardist performing along with him. We are treated to close-up shots of the bass and keyboards being played, as well as Miguel singing and playing guitar as the track plays.


As the track continues, we zoom back into the top of Miguel's gold vocal microphone and out again, from the microphone on the left earbud, returning to the VIP room. Miguel also appears to return to reality. He looks around for a moment, and decides to go back to his music world, closing his eyes and settling into his seat as the camera zooms slowly out, and the party continues around him.


The video ends with 1000X series product images, including the WF-1000XM5 and WH-1000XM5 headband-style Noise-Cancelling headphones. Captions read "THE BEST NOISE CANCELLING" followed by "For The Music" and Sony animated logos.