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Meet our XM-1ES Mobile ES™ mono power amplifier with powerful and clean low-end from a sturdy, compact aluminum body. The new pre-out allows for more flexible installation and easy system expansion. 

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600W x 1 RMS output power

Enjoy dynamic sound with an output power of 600W x 1 RMS at 4 ohms / 1000W x 1 RMS at 2 ohms. The highly efficient class-D amplifier boosts your in-car music, adding a powerful and clear low-end to your favorite tunes.

Powerful sound with astonishing clarity 

Sony’s expertise and long years of engineering experience with digital amplifiers has made it possible to realize a compact and powerful amplifier, with uncompromising sound quality.

Optimised power blocks

To reproduce powerful and clean low end, the power supply block is optimally designed for low-noise, highly efficient electric power transmission, where the DC converter with a toroidal core transformer is chosen for less electro-magnetic interference.

Internal view of the XM-1ES Mobile ES mono power amplifier power supply block
View of the XM-1ES Mobile ES mono power amplifier upgraded inductors with OFC wires
Select components for superior sound

The upgraded inductors with OFC wires are selected for lower internal resistance and improved sound character, while the high-capacity electrolytic capacitors contribute to precise and responsive bass.

Sturdily built structures

The bottom plate with a 1.2 mm thickness and updated cross-bracing press design improve chassis rigidity by approximately 50%, reducing the resonance and shifting the resonance peak out of the vehicle’s harsh vibration frequency band while improving damping performance dramatically.

Resonance damping characteristics 

Enhanced logical control and connection placement

Controls for adjustments, and placement of connections, are logically placed for easy understanding and use. The carefully considered layout ensures both intuitive operation and installation simplicity.

High-quality speaker terminal

The speaker terminal features Hex-key screws, providing a durable method of tightening the wire connections while accepting bare wire or wire ferrules (up to AWG #8) for superior electrical performance and high-quality sound, and safe connection.

View of the XM-1ES Mobile ES mono power amplifier speaker terminal features
Clear labels and values

The redesigned control panel features logical placements with easy-to-understand correlation, and updated graphics.

View of the XM-1ES Mobile ES mono power amplifier control panel features
Input / output adjustments

Easily integrate the XM-1ES into your system with clear input and output settings.

View of the XM-1ES Mobile ES mono power amplifier control panel features
Filter / range adjustments

Filter parameters are grouped for seamless sound tuning.

View of the XM-1ES Mobile ES mono power amplifier control panel features
Easy operation

The clear, high contrast labels makes adjustment quick and easy, so you can get your system sounding great faster.

Signal summing for seamless connection to factory audio

The new input selector can combine stereo audio signals into a monaural signal, before filtering to low-end. And you can even send the consolidated or passing through line-level signal onto other amps in the chain, allowing for flexible installation in various types of vehicles and audio system setups.

Connection example utilizing two units of the XM-1ES to drive subwoofers, together with the XM-4ES Mobile ES four-channel amplifier.  The first unit hooked up to the XM-4ES, while sending out the line level signal to the second unit.

Mobile ES Series

Immerse yourself in excellent in-car entertainment

Engineered for ultimate listening pleasure on the road, the Mobile ES Series products bring the very best of your music and connectivity together, for a driving experience like never before.

Specifications & Features

The XM-1ES Mobile ES™ mono power amplifier gives you powerful and clean low-end from a sturdy, compact aluminum body. Precisely customise it to your requirements and taste, with optimally designed connection terminals, an extensive control panel and an external remote control for bass adjustment. The new pre-out allows even more installation flexibility by either combining two input channels into a single output, or passing through in stereo, for connection to additional amplifiers.
  • 600W x 1 RMS output power at 4 ohms

  • 1000W x 1 RMS output power at 2 ohms

  • Resonance-damping compact and sturdy aluminum case

  • Combined pre-outs for more installation options

  • Updated connection terminals and control panel, plus supplied bass remote

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