INZONE H9 Selected Video Transcript

An animated INZONE logo appears under an energetic electronic music soundtrack.

Title: “INZONE H9 Wireless Noise Cancelling Gaming Headset”

The light comes up on a close-up of a person wearing an INZONE H9 overhead headset with a boom microphone.

Title: “360 Spatial Sound for Gaming *Requires Windows PC with INZONE Hub software”

The camera spins around their head to reveal they are playing a game at a desktop gaming computer.

Title: “Creates phantom speakers”

They focus intently on the game as animated halos representing sound waves surround their head to represent phantom speaker locations all around them.

Title: “Analyses the shape of your ears”

We cut to a close-up shot of the side of their head, then transition to an animated graphic showing a smartphone capturing a picture of a person's ear. The animation demonstrates how the shape of their ear is analysed and the sound field is optimised.

Title: “Personalises the sound field"

A bubble forms around him with in-game imagery, and then transitions to a first-person shooter view inside the game.

Title: “Detect invisible enemies”

In the game scene, the 360 Spatial Sound for Gaming features is demonstrated, revealing opponents behind walls, using the precise sound positioning.

Title: “High-fidelity diaphragm for sound quality”

We cut to a shot of the headphones and then zoom into a close-up of the moving diaphragm.

Title: “Ducts for powerful bass”

The shot zooms back out and pans down the ducts on the outside edge of the headphones.

Title: “Noise cancelling OFF”

We return to the gamer, and then a shot of a desktop PC fan inlet. We can hear the fan humming loudly over the soundtrack.

Title: “Noise cancelling ON”

Title: “Just the game – no other sounds"

The gamer presses the Noise cancelling button on the headset and the fan noise goes away.

Title: “Ambient Sound Mode”

We pan out to a wider shot, with the gamer at their desktop, appearing to be right inside the game.

Title: “Ambient Sound Mode ON”

They press the Ambient Sound Mode button on the headset, we hear footsteps and then a second person enters the frame behind them and asks, “Do you want to go for a coffee?” The person turns and responds, “Yeah, sure”.

Title: “Detect important surrounding sounds”

Title: “Game for hours in comfort”

An INZONE H9 headset floats against a purple background.

Title: “Wide and soft headband cushion”

Title: “Soft-fit leather”

The camera zooms in and cuts to various views of the INZONE H9 headset, highlighting the padded headband and ear pieces.

Title: “32-hour battery life *with Noise Cancelling OFF”

The headset continues to float in space.

Title: "Quick charging Charge 10 minutes, play 60 minutes"

A close-up shot shows a USB cable being connected to an AC charger and the USB-C® port on the headset.

Title: “Play while charging”

We return to a shot of the gamer and the camera pans from the USB connection around to the boom microphone.

Title: “Lead your team with clear communications”

A close-up shot shows them in an animated conversation with other players, via the boom microphone.

Title: "INZONE Hub Customise settings" "*Interface design subject to change”

The camera slowly zooms towards the PC screen, with the free INZONE Hub PC software onscreen. We cut to multiple setting screens, customising sound and other settings.

"Perfect for PlayStation®5”

A split screen shows the INZONE H9 headset beside a PlayStation®5 audio interface, as the volume is turned up.

“Works with TEMPEST 3D Audiotech”

“Indicates INZONE H9 status "

"INZONE H9 Wireless Noise Cancelling Gaming Headset"

The two colour variations of the headset – white and black – are shown against the purple backdrop and INZONE logo.

The video closes with the animated Sony logo.