Sharpen your senses and prepare for victory. Our INZONE gaming headsets help you hear more clearly and react faster for invincible gaming.

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INZONE H9 Headphones Award Winner
INZONE M9 Gaming Monitor Award Winner

Refined for Victory. Advised by Fnatic

Fnatic’s gaming excellence meets INZONE’s technological innovation.

Performance beyond your imagination

See how our INZONE gaming headsets immerse you in your gaming worlds through industry-leading innovation and expertise so you can play like never before.​

Immersion and victory 

Enjoy superior sound and enhanced spatial awareness with technology optimised for gaming. INZONE embraces Sony’s expertise as an AV pioneer to deliver features that immerse you in the action with total focus. Designed for extraordinary performance, INZONE is your path to victory.

Sharpen your senses with INZONE

Our range elevates your gaming experience and helps you perform to the very best of your ability.