Slice of Living 2017
Styling the space, styling the viewing experience

Delivering incredible viewing experiences without disrupting the relaxation of a living space, the Slice of Living concept for home product design is transforming TVs by reimagining the aesthetic style of the entire living space.

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Sampling the elements of living spaces

TV screens keep getting bigger. Living spaces need to be places of comfort and ease. The Slice of Living concept tries to find equilibrium in that context, seeking a harmonious balance between home products and living rooms. The idea behind this new home product design was simple: if you took all the elements, materials, and basic rules that have always been part of the “living room” ideal, sliced them into individual pieces, and reconstructed them in new ways, you might be able to find arrangements where the living room components and products struck more harmonious chords.

Running with that idea, designers started sampling virtually anything they could find in living spaces—from the silhouettes of chairs and other furniture, wall materials, and tiling patterns to textures like fabric and leather. Reconfiguring products with those samples and the tools of furniture and architecture helped the team carve out an innovative home product approach, one where items not only chimed with their surroundings but also helped style spaces in their own right.

Spatial living
Relaxation table
Elements and materials
A constant in our imagined conceptions of living space

When you imagine a comfortable living space, what do you see? Where does the sofa go? Where do books, vases, and other objects sit? What’s the overall styling? And how does the TV, a standard part of the living space landscape, fit into the picture? We wanted to make sure that our home product design integrated seamlessly into the process of styling the ideal living room.

Tako, Chief Art Director

Resonating with the modern-living concept

For the 2017 BRAVIA™ models, we aimed for a light, comfortable look that would mesh with modern-living sensibilities. All the different design elements tie into that basic approach. The stand embodies a sleek, chair-like presence. The back panel evokes the textures of walls and fabric. And the bold combinations of smooth, warm materials add an exquisite stroke to the canvas of contemporary spatial design.

360-degree beauty makes a TV look great anywhere

With the BRAVIA Series, we wanted to go beyond just making the front of the product look great. Using a thin bezel helps hide the boundaries between the living space and the visual content, of course, but our focus was on making the back side as visually attractive as we could—that way, the TV could fit into interior settings in virtually any way. The design we came up with helps reimagine the TV as a multi-dimensional object that can go anywhere in the room, not just a one-dimensional surface to stick in the corner. That gives the user so much freedom when it comes to laying out the room.

Yokota, Art Director

The Slice of Living concept revisited a basic need—how people style their living spaces—and discovered the inspiration for new TVs. The amazing video and audio are just one part of the package. The spatial harmonics, giving the products the versatility to mesh with any interior, are what really perfect the experience.