Size & Weight

Dimensions (W x H x D)
271 x 171 x 247 mm
2.8 kg

General Features

Output Power
55W x4
Pre Out
5V 3 Pre (Front LR / Rear LR / Sub LR)
Rear View Camera in
Rear/Input 1/Input 2
Yes (Type-C x 1, REAR)
Firmware upgradability
Time Alignment
14-band Equalizer and 8-band Parametric Equalizer
Album artwork Indication

Tuner Features

Auto Memory
Yes (RDS)

Bluetooth Profile

Yes (1.7.1)
Yes (1.3.1)
Yes (1.6.1)
Yes (1.1)

Bluetooth Features

Speed Dial
Yes (6 memories)
Recent Calls (# of)
Last Dialed Call
Yes(select from the dialed call history)
Phonebook Access via PBAP
Alphabetical Phonebook Sorting
Ring Volume Level Control
Call Volume Level Control
External Microphone
Battery Reminder
Signal Strength Indication

Bluetooth Audio Features

Audio Codec (Bluetooth Audio)
Pause (Bluetooth Audio)
Group (Folder) +/-
Audio Level Adjustment
Yes (-6dB to +6dB)
Repeat Control (Audio Device side)
Shuffle Control (Audio Device side)
Meta Data Indication

Panel Design

Key Illumination
Yes on Front Panel (White)
Panel Detachability
Yes (For installation only)


LCD Type
TFT Active Matrix
Screen Aspect
16 : 9
Screen Diagonal (inch/cm)
10.1 inch / 257 mm
Resolution (DOT)
1280 x 720
Auto/Manual select
Contrast Ratio
425 cd/m2

Display Panel

Key Illumination Initial
On Front Panel (White)
Dimmer Adjust

User Interface

Touch Panel
Parking Control
Parking Line Adjust
Rear View Camera-In Marker Setting

USB Mass Storage Device Control Feature

USB Device Control (Repeat)
USB Device Control (Shuffle)
USB Device Control (Pause)
USB Device Control (Resume Play)
USB Device Control (Audio Codec)
USB Device Control (Audio Playable File Extension)
USB Device Control (Video Codec)
USB Device Control (Video Playable File Extension)

What's In The Box

  • External Microphone
  • Power Supply Leads
  • Connection Cables(Audio/Camera)
  • USB Extension Cable(Type-C)
  • GPS Antenna


The 10.1" (25.7cm) Mobile ES™ High-Resolution Digital Media Receiver seen in-situ on a car dashboard.

Everything in view

Now updated with a 10.1" high-definition LCD panel and optically gapless design, it boasts the best-in-class picture quality, while assuring safer and easier operation than ever.

The 10.1" (25.7cm) Mobile ES™ High-Resolution Digital Media Receiver with a close up on the Gapless Anti-glare Capacitive Touchscreen.

Gapless Anti-glare Capacitive Touchscreen

Unlike a conventional display, the LCD is bonded directly to the protective glass touch layer with a transparent adhesive. The result is an extremely precise touch experience along with the enhanced contrast and visual performance.

The 10.1" (25.7cm) Mobile ES™ High-Resolution Digital Media Receiver seen from above, including the housing.

Easy mounting and adjustment

The sturdy and adjustable mount is designed for single DIN installation, to suit a wide variety of vehicles. The four-way adjustment makes it easy to position the oversized display in your perfect spot.

Logos for Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio Wireless.

The Way Artists Truly Intended

Enjoy the subtle nuances of studio-quality sound with High-Resolution Audio. Passion for music unites every component from signal to speaker, so it feels like the artist is performing right in front of you.

A close up of the three capacitors within the 10.1" (25.7cm) Mobile ES™ High-Resolution Digital Media Receiver.

Choices for optimum performance

Carefully selected components ensures superb quality sound. The dedicated choke coil features powerful bass while filtering unwanted frequencies, for controlled and dynamic audio reproduction. Audiophile-grade capacitors deliver effortless power for clearness and tight bass, while multi-layer polymer capacitors help ensure low overall harmonic distortion and natural sound character.

A close up of the ESS DAC chip.

Engineered for ultimate listening pleasure – ESS digital-to-analogue converter 

Experience the same calibre of sound usually reserved for high-end home audio products, thanks to the ESS DAC chip - a premium converter that provides optimum quality, from all your digital music files. With high performance 32-bit processing and eliminated timing jitter, this D/A converter delivers an unprecedented dynamic range and low harmonic distortion.

The 10.1" (25.7cm) Mobile ES™ High-Resolution Digital Media Receiver seen from the side, with all of the components positioned in layers.

Anti-resonance dual-layer chassis

The dual-layer design of the chassis separates analogue and digital circuitry, preventing electro-magnetic interference for uncompromised sound quality. 

The 10.1" (25.7cm) Mobile ES™ High-Resolution Digital Media Receiver seen in-situ on a car dashboard as a man drives the car along a desert road.

Android Auto™

Use commands to dictate messages, take phone calls or get help from Google Maps. You can even control music playback just by talking. Wireless connection available depending on your smartphone, and country or region.

Close up of the DSP chip that features in the 10.1" (25.7cm) Mobile ES™ High-Resolution Digital Media Receiver.

Sound Customisation

The high grade 192 kHz / 24 bit DSP offers pristine sound processing and time alignment - down to a remarkable 1 cm for each of the 6 addressable channels (4 speakers + 2 subwoofers via pre-out). A 14-band EQ lets you adjust the overall sound to your music or taste, and each of the 6 channels features independent 8-band parametric EQ to get optimum performance across different speaker configurations. Together with the 3-zone crossover, you can dial in the perfect match of front, rear and subwoofers.

Full smartphone connectivity without the wires

Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and the supplied GPS antenna, you can leave your smartphone in your pocket and still access full device integration. Access navigation, communication and entertainment, all via voice control without any cable clutter.

The 10.1" (25.7cm) Mobile ES™ High-Resolution Digital Media Receiver seen in-situ on a car dashboard, with Apple Car Play on the screen.

Apple CarPlay

Easily access the iPhone features you know and love, just by talking to Siri. Music, maps, phone calls and messages are all under your control. Wireless connection available depending on your county or region.

The 10.1" (25.7cm) Mobile ES™ High-Resolution Digital Media Receiver seen in-situ on a car dashboard, with a phone in the foreground indicating the connectivity.

High-Resolution wireless LDAC audio

Enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth wireless audio, and exceptional sound quality thanks to LDAC. Connect compatible devices to stream audio at 96 kHz / 24-bit sampling with bitrates up to 3x higher (990 kbps) than conventional Bluetooth.

The 10.1" (25.7cm) Mobile ES™ High-Resolution Digital Media Receiver graphical interface.

HD Graphical User Interface 

The 1280 x 720 HD touchscreen offers an enhanced user interface for safety and ease of use. It features a high-contrast "Mobile ES" colour scheme, as well as customisable wallpaper to suit your vehicle and style.

The 10.1" (25.7cm) Mobile ES™ High-Resolution Digital Media Receiver showing three camera views.

3-camera trigger inputs

Customers can see the images of up to three connected cameras when they shift the vehicle’s transmission lever to the reverse position or tap the dedicated icons on the home screen. By utilizing the supplied trigger wires, each camera image can be switched on and off, or from one to another automatically by detecting the vehicle’s turn signals or sensing compatible signals such as that for a connected front camera. An adjustable parking guide is also available for the reverse gear.