FE 35MM F1.4 GM

Full Specifications & Features


Lens Specifications

Sony E-mount
35mm full frame
Focal-Length (mm)
Focal Length (35mm) (APS-C)
Lens Groups / Elements
Angle of View (35mm)
Angle of View (APS-C)
Maximum aperture (F)
Minimum Aperture (F)
Aperture Blades
Circular Aperture
Minimum Focus Distance
0.27 m (AF), 0.25 m (MF) (0.89 ft (AF), 0.82 ft (MF) )
Maximum Magnification ratio (x)
x 0.23 (AF) x 0.26 (MF)
Filter Diameter (mm)
Image stabilization (SteadyShot)
- (body-integrated)
Teleconverter compatibility (x1.4)
Teleconverter compatibility (x2.0)
Hood Type
Round shape, bayonet type

Size & Weight

Dimensions (D x L)
76 x 96 mm (3 x 3-7/8 in.)
524 g (18.5 oz.)

What's In The Box

  • Hood (model):ALC-SH164
  • Lens front cap:ALC-F67S
  • Lens rear cap:ALC-R1EM
  • Soft case


Example image

Palm-size 35mm F1.4 prime 

Sony’s most advanced optical design and manufacturing technology delivers extraordinary resolution and gorgeous bokeh in a very compact lens. Offering G Master quality in an eminently portable lens for all occasions, this is a must-have for serious E-mount users.

Example image

Spectacular resolution in a compact design

Advanced optical technology takes advantage of the short mirrorless flange-back distance to reduce overall length and diameter in a surprisingly compact lens that delivers stunning contrast and resolution. Two XA (extreme aspherical) elements suppress sagittal coma flare so you can capture your subjects with extraordinary sharpness and clarity.

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Usage image

Compact mobility and easy handling

This compact lens fits easily in the palm of your hand and weighs a mere 524g (18.5 oz), providing outstanding mobility and handling in the widest possible range of environments and shooting conditions. The FE 35mm F1.4 GM offers first-class quality that you can take anywhere.

Example image

Refined bokeh and broad versatility

Striking bokeh, a characteristic of the G Master series, can really make portrait and other subjects stand out. XA elements that effectively suppress onion ring bokeh, an 11-blade circular aperture mechanism, and painstaking spherical aberration control at the design and manufacturing stages add up to smooth, beautiful bokeh.

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Example image

Versatile close-up capability

XA lens elements and innovative optical design achieve a minimum focusing distance of just 27 cm (0.89 ft) and maximum magnification of 0.23x, making it possible to shoot impressive close-ups with smooth, creamy background bokeh. The flexibility to choose your shooting distance affords plenty of control for stills as well as movies.

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Example image

Clean, natural colour

This compact lens is not only mobile and manageable, but performs admirably in difficult lighting as well. An ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass element and other optical refinements effectively suppress chromatic aberration and purple fringing for clean, natural looking images and a fast, easy post-shoot editing.

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Nano AR Coating II cuts flare and ghosting

The mobility of this compact 35mm lens means that it is likely to be used in wide variety of situations, including strong sunlight and backlighting. Sony’s new Nano AR Coating II is evenly applied to entire element surfaces, effectively minimise flare and ghosting for clear, crisp imagery even in challenging light.

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Example image

XD Linear Motors achieve fast, precise quiet AF and tracking

Sony’s small-but-powerful XD Linear Motors contribute to fast, precise autofocus and tracking, maximising the AF performance capabilities of advanced  E-mount bodies to capture meaningful moments in street snapshots, fleeting expressions in portraits, and much more. AF operation is quiet with minimal vibration.

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Product image

Natural, linear manual focus response

Linear Response MF ensures that the focus ring responds directly and linearly to subtle control when focusing manually. Focus ring rotation translates directly to a corresponding change in focus, so control feels immediate and precise. Linear Response MF is ideal for creative focusing effects when shooting stills and movies.

About Linear Response MF

Illustration describing dust and moisture resistant design

Dust and moisture resistant design 

A dust and moisture resistant design provides the reliability needed for outdoor use in challenging conditions.

Dust and Moisture Resistant Design


Fluorine front element coating

The front lens element features a fluorine coating that repels water, oil, and other contaminants, while making it easier to wipe off any contaminants or fingerprints that do become attached to the lens surface.

About fluorine coating

Product image

Easy manual/auto focus switching

A focus mode switch that allows instant switching between auto and manual focus modes can be a great advantage when shooting subjects or situations that require fine manual focus adjustment.

About Aperture click switch